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Parent Code of Conduct

All parents/guardians of students who enter our classes should:

  • Sign children into and out of class.

  • Be prompt when arriving and picking up your children.

  • Take your children to the loo before class starts.

  • Keep uniforms and belts clean and tidy and look after them.

  • Encourage students to work hard. 

  • Focus on the child’s efforts and enjoyment rather than winning or losing.

  • Provide positive verbal feedback in training, grading sessions and tournaments.

  • Encourage students to participate within the rules and regulations of the martial art.

  • Congratulate all participants on their performance regardless of who they are or what the outcome.

  • Leave the instructor to communicate with individual students during the session/event.

  • Respect the decisions of officials and teach children to do the same.

  • Respect instructors, referees, judges, students and spectators.

  • Inform the instructor of any injury, health or welfare issue that is appropriate for them to know.

  • Ensure that your child(ren) arrive on time and are collected promptly for training and other events.

  • Remember that children participate in martial arts for their enjoyment, not the parents’.

  • Treat everyone equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation.

  • Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every person within martial arts.

  • Report any concerns you may have in relation to a young person to the club welfare officer.

  • Challenge and/or report discriminatory behaviour.

  • Ensure licences are kept in date.

  • Read and understand the clubs rules and terms and conditions.


All parents/guardians of students who enter our classes should NOT:

  • Leave kit, equipment, belts etc. behind at venues.

  • Force their child(ren) to participate in martial arts.

  • Ridicule or shout at their child(ren) or other students for making a mistake or failing a grading.

  • Publicly question the referee, judge, instructor or student’s decisions within a tournament, grading or training situation.

  • Use foul, sexist and/or racist language and/or gestures at any times.

  • Leave your child(ren) at the venue before the person in charge has arrived.

  • Condone behaviour that contravenes the code of conduct.

  • Bring young children or babies to watch classes, unless they are quiet. If they start to make any noise or run about, parents should take them away from the sessions immediately.

  • Leave other siblings unattended at any of our club venues.

  • If anyone has any issues with the above points, then please do not hesitate to contact Neil/Jake, who will be happy to discuss any of these points with you, and if need be arrange a meeting with our club welfare officer.


Student and Instructor Code of Conduct

All students and instructors who enter our classes should:

  • Work hard without being reminded.

  • Encourage kata practice when waiting for the instructor to begin the class.

  • Have fun, act in a safe manner and encourage everyone around them to do the same.

  • Always respect those around them, including other students, opponents, instructors, officials and parents.

  • Be honest and fair in everything they do and never deliberately be dishonest.

  • Accept instructors’ and officials’ decisions without question or complaint.

  • Arrive for training and other events on time and inform someone if they are unable to attend or will be late.

  • Listen carefully when spoken to and act as directed where appropriate.

  • Make sure you have correct uniform with you and look after it to the best of your ability. This includes gi, belt and pads.

  • Make sure your hair is off your face, your finger and toe nails are short and you have no jewellery on during events.

  • Never upset those around you, and inform an instructor if you know if someone else is upset.

  • Give other students a hand if they need it, and accept apologies from them if they are offered.

  • Always do your best and give 100% effort in whatever you do.

  • As a person taking part in martial arts you will recognise that you are an ambassador in your discipline and others taking parts in martial arts.

  • Never post any photos or words on a social network site which could put yourself in danger, or could embarrass yourself, your family, your club or anyone else in martial arts.

  • Never use martial arts outside of the training environment except in the defence of yourself, family or friends in the instance of extreme danger or unprovoked attack.

  • Read and understand the clubs rules and terms and conditions. 

  • Make sure your licence is kept in date.


Instructor Information

All club instructors including all Black belts please:

  • Train regularly.

  • Volunteer to help out with all students as part of your development.

  • Help each other out.

  • Think of others’ needs.

  • Inform staff of any student disputes.

  • Back your club.

  • Accept that students are all different regardless of grade level.

  • Remember, we are also students.

  • Keep DBS checks in place.

  • Keep licence in date.

  • Attend first aid courses every 3 years.

  • Be better than you were yesterday.

  • Be happy.

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