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Welcome, to Junior Tigers

Age range: 7 - 11 years

Junior Tigers has been running since 2004 and students follow the well known Shotokan Karate style that is the largest style of Karate practised in the UK.


This class is led by thoroughly trained Black Belts with a variety of skills and kata specialities. The characteristics of Shotokan Karate are deep, strong, fast and dynamic Karate stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, punches, kata and sparring. You will develop a strong body, determination, focus, learning and confidence as well as excellent karate skills.

As the class has been developing rapidly since 2004 other techniques and ways and other styles of karate have been introduced through our continuing development, although not diminishing the Shotokan style we practise, but enhancing the skills and techniques to our evolving style.
Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning pace and these provide great short term goals.

Junior Tigers also practice with the wooden oak staff (B.O) which has previously been developed if you have been in our Tiny Tiger class.

All Junior Tigers are expected to attend classes regularly, including courses they have been invited to.

The grading system is in line with many other karate schools and has been verified by our governing body, NAKMAS. Students grading to 1st Kyu and below have opportunities to grade in our scheduled Grading Week at the end of each half term.


Further Information

Date: Wednesday and Saturday

Time: Wednesday - 6:30PM - 7:30PM. Saturday 9:30AM - 10:30AM

Location: Kingsway Community Primary School

Instructor: Sensei Neil, Sensei Jo and Sensei Jake 

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